Survival League

If any of you are interested, I have created a Survival League over in Yahoo. All of you are welcome to join. Just hit this link: Survival Football | Yahoo Fantasy Sports

The password is “Tagliere”.

If you aren’t familiar with a survival league, it’s simple: Just pick a game winner every week to keep going. If you miss, or forget to pick, you are eliminated. Also, you can only pick each team only once. For example, if you pick Tampa to win in week 1, and they lose, you’re done. but if Tampa wins, you can’t pick them again for the rest of the season. If you survive and win all the way through to week 18, you have a shot to win a free week in Las Vegas. (as they say, certain restrictions apply). Even if you don’t win that, you can still claim bragging rights here.

All are welcome!

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I’m in. I love survivor pools. :sunglasses:

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Who did you take for week 1? I took Philly.

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I took the Broncos. Was tempted to take the Saints, but would like to see them in action first.

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That was over quickly! Sorry about Denver.

Nothing better than a week 1 elimination in a survivor pool. :sweat_smile:

My 2nd choice (Saints) won by 1 in another nail biter. My 3rd choice would have been the Colts - do you survive if your team ties?

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As I recall, ties are losers.

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My survivor pool picks this week:

Raiders over the Cardinals. The Cards stunk up the place against KC. Although the Raiders looked lifeless against the Chargers, they still only lost by 5. I expect the Raiders to come back hungry this week.

Bills over the Titans. This is almost a trap game, but I expect the Bills might respect the Titans too much. The Bills are a far superior team. Even if they do take the Titans lightly, I would expect the Bills to do enough to pull it out in the end.

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I know the guy who got eliminated in week 1 isn’t in the best position to offer advice here. But I’d probably roll with the Browns vs. the Jets, the Colts at the Jaguars, or the Rams vs. the Falcons.

The Jets looked very weak again, and I would not expect to change that anytime soon.

The Colts struggled, but got better as the game progressed. The Jaguars on the other hand did not look much improved compared to the end of last season.

And the Rams will bounce back from their crushing defeat against the super strong Bills. I wouldn’t worry too much about them, as their week 1 L was largely a result of a brutal Bills pass rush.

As for the Raiders, I do expect them to win against the Cardinals. But they were weaker last week than the 5 point difference suggested. And the Cardinals will be determined to turn the tide as well. Not a terrible pick, but not without risk, either.

And the Bills vs the Titans is a trap game. While the Bills usually hand out underdog Ws on the road (6-9 at Jacksonville last year), I would still be careful about this game. Mike Vrabel is one heck of an NFL coach, who got the #1 AFC seed with a pretty mediocre team last year. Especially in big games, he often comes up with a surprising solution against a presumably superior team. If the Bills show just the smallest sign of overconfidence, they could struggle against the Titans, to whom they lost last year already.

The Browns have to show me they can win on a regular basis.

The Colts need to show me they can win, although against the Jags is probably a safe bet.

The Rams are probably safe too, but they looked pretty bad against the Bills.

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I’m down to one survivor team, after getting the Raiders eliminated last week. Fortunately, the Bills came through for me in a big way over the Titans.

This week, I am taking the Saints over the Panthers. The Panthers just don’t have anything to impress me.

Well, at least I know now that, if I hadn’t been eliminated in week 1 already, I wouldn’t have survived week 2.

This week, I’d probably take the Chiefs over the Colts. Which, given my flawless track record, means the Colts should easily win this one. :sweat_smile:

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I hope you’re right!