Sanders and CEH return

So Sanders and CEH return from IR. Do they immediately go into our lineups? How does it affect other Eagles and Chiefs running backs? Are you still starting Williams or any other Eagles backs?

Sanders - no. He looked terrible before his injury. I see no reason to expect he’d look better now. Plus, he’s only the RB2 on the team, with the RB1 being Hurts.

CEH - if we can expect him to be more or less without limitations, I’d start him. I won’t blame anybody who decides to sit him for another week.

A firm ‘no’ on all other Chiefs and Eagles RBs.

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Yeah that’s where I’m at. Once bitten, twice shy, and I was bit hard by the Gainwell bug.

I’m starting CEH where I have Williams but not over other rb2/flex options.

You and me both. Traded for him when I thought he was trending up. Thankfully, I only had to give up Curtis Samuel, whom I had otherwise probably cut by now.