Quick grades vs Sit/start advice Week 2

Reading through Quick grades for Week 2- Wide Receive, I have Ja’Marr Chase and Mike Evans. Start sit advice is Mike Evans with a 5 star matchup, Ja’Marr Chase with a 1 star matchup. In Quick grades though Ja’Marr Chase is a B+ strong start, Mike Evans C+ Strong start. So confused, and of course Week 1 Mike Evans tanked while Ja’Marr Chase (on bench) beat the points on Evans and my Flex Aaron Rodgers (such a disappointing week!).

Any advice on this one?

Remember, there are three sides to any matchup: The talent of the player, the power of the offense, and the power of the defense. The first two are generally considered in the player’s history. The question is which one wins?

Typically, exceptionally strong defenses can shut down anyone except for the MOST elite, and sometimes even them too.

Here is where it gets complicated: Evans has the better matchup (Atlanta), while Chase is arguably the better player. That said, I might lean on Chase here, as one of the better players in Cincy’s offense. He’s gonna get the targets, almost no matter what. Evans is in a crowded receiver room at Tampa.

Take Chase.