Miami backfield is it worth the investment?

Wilson had another big week. Can we expect this to continue as 2 weeks in a row now with Miami. The investment is not substantial and as long as he is ahead of Mostert is good for depth.

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I see no reason to believe things will change dramatically, as long as Wilson remains healthy.

So far, Wilson has exceeded my expectations, and he looks like a solid play. I’m starting him in one league, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Wilson is a good pick up but, will be match up dependent. Dolphins OL is much improved but the run block is still below average. He should not do well vs a good run stop team.

You realize that is true for most RB’s? Even Derrick Henry can be stopped.


The difference is that Miami is close to the bottom at rushing attempts. Cleveland was easily a top two run game for us with the Lions being the other.

I have been a Phinatic for many a year and know this team as well as I know myself.

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Even you have to admit, Miami seems to suddenly have a running game with Wilson there?

Ed, Wilson was a great addition for McD as he knows his system and play book.
However, he is a RB2 at best and Mostert will take snaps from him depending match ups.

Some analysts were saying SF should have kept Wilson over McCaffrey as it would have been the same. This over exaggerates to an extreme the point you try to make over one game.

Wilson had his run as a starter with SF and is a RB2 at best.

The last 2 weeks, in half PPR, Wilson has been RB 10 and RB6. In PPR, he’s been RB8 and RB7. In standard scoring, he’s been RB11 and RB6. He is clearly much better in Miami, undoubtedly because of their much more significant passing game.

He is an RB1.

A RB1 is not made in 2 weeks vs bad D’s. IF that were the case, Hollins would be a good fantasy player and TE Hill would be a HOFer. NOT the case.

FWIW, I have seen Miami’s OL improved to #15 with much of that on pass protect but 3 players are run blocking as well. McD is the run game maven and mking much of this happen. He did it with Mitchell last year who a low end RB1 with more talent than Wilson.

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