Manual entry during the draft

OKay so I bought this package and synced with ESPN draft and now learn that they wont enter the selections till after the draft. So much for the sync for the pick by pick which the SYNC is dependent on. How do I manually enter the picks using the draft wiazard after importing the league from ESPN ? Why is this so hard

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I cannot believe this isnt more straightforward…This should be a simple function using this softward…Help ???

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I failed to mention that my league enters the selections until AFTER the draft versus during the draft, Hope that clarifies things

So I was having the same problem with my 2 drafts that we did offline and could not use the draft sync feature. But, I did figure out of to sync anyways. First go to the NFL main page by clicking the NFL tab at the top of the page. Then on the upper right side of the screen hover your mouse over the little person emblem. Then go down to the “My Leagues” tab below “My Account”. Once you click there and it goes to the next page, click on “Add League” in the blue box to the right. It will then ask you what sport, click football, then ask what website. Then it should go straight to your league, (you may have to log in) and then it should auto download your roster. Make sure you have the extension installed of course. Hope this helps.