Mac versus the GOAT

Since Kyle Yates brought it up in his podcast about 10 dynasty players you should drop…

Yates said Mac Jones should be traded now, since he will regress without Josh McDaniels in New England. As I replied to Yates on Twitter, “After watching Cam Newton flounder under Josh McDaniels, you’re going to tell me that McDaniels was the ONLY reason for Mac’s success? I disagree. The kid is a hard worker, and I see him as the most Brady-esque QB since the GOAT.”

Let’s compare some stats. Brady’s first two seasons versus Mac’s first season:

Brady 2001: 15 games, 11-3 record, 63.9% completed, 2843 passing yards, 18 td’s, 12 int’s
Brady 2002: 16 games, 9-7 record, 62.1% completed, 3764 passing yards, 28 td’s, 14 int’s
Jones 2021: 17 games, 10-7 record, 67.6% completed, 3801 passing yards, 22 td’s, 13 int’s

Most of the stats are fairly comparable, except for the completion percentage. Jones has shoot your eyes out accuracy. I would add only once in Brady’s career has he topped Mac’s completion percentage, and that was in Brady’s best season of 2007, when he had a 68.9% completion percentage. That wasn’t Josh McDaniels coaching, that was Randy Moss.

In dynasty, if someone is willing to trade me Mac Jones, I will grab that deal.

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Do we all remember how everybody predicted heavy regression for Justin Herbert at the beginning of the 2021 season? Sophomore slump, new coaching staff, revamped offense - no way he could repeat his stellar rookie season.

Only Herbert didn’t get that memo.

Mac Jones started okay, and then showed continuous progression throughout the season. While some setbacks can never be ruled out, I would agree that he is a strong dynasty buy if his current owner really wants to get rid of him.

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