Jameson Williams suspended for 6 games

Although the article lists 5 players suspended for gambling, of which 4 are Lions, but the main one for fantasy purposes is Jameson Williams. While I don’t currently have any shares of him anywhere, I can imagine the pain of his owners, thinking they got through his unproductive year last year due to his injury, and that this would be the year he pays off. And he might pay off…in week 7.

As for Williams himself this is all I can say about him:
Polar Bear Facepalm

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Unbelievable. I feel bad for Tim who I traded him to late last season.

I was a bit angry at myself for trading for Pickens instead of Williams. I feel a lot better about that decision now. Also, Amon-Ra may just have heard a noise that sounded as if somebody locked him in as a keeper. :sweat_smile:

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I was not angry with you at all. Your choice allowed me to trade for a #1 pick.
Who do you hate for that trade now? :slight_smile:

Ra is the only WR you have. How the hell did you win a title? lol