Forum Playoff Fantasy League- Sign In, Q & A

As far as I know we have 6 players in Ed, Damian, Kim, Tim, Kevin and myself.

If anyone else wants to play please sign in here and NOT on the rules page Kim will start. Any questions here is where to ask them,


Scoring system I use is pretty normal with .5 PPR, 4 pt passing TDs, -2 for INTs and lost fumbles. We have bonuses for long TDs (over 40) and for rushing/receiving over 100 or 150 yards & passing over 300/400 yards. D/ST we award .5 for TFLs.

This is what we have so far and CANNOT be changed.


This is NOT a money league but some mys choose to make side wagers. If you would like to message me but do NOT get involved with that here.

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