Flex headache - help needed

With Waddle now on the Covid list, I have a headache with flex options to replace him.

I’ve got Zeek Elliot, DeVonta Smith or Van Jefferson as my obvious options.

Anyone wanna offer some advice?

Pollard is playing so I’d pass on Elliot the way he’s been performing. Smith only had 2 receptions in each of his last games before the bye. Jefferson is probably the best play against a Seahawks team without Adams.

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Tough call.

Elliot is clearly showing his age. He’ll get some touches, but will he find the endzone? That’s a coin toss.

Smith has had a rough few weeks prior to the bye, but he has a prime matchup against a Washington defense that gives up td’s to opposing WR’s. On the other hand, Jefferson is on a hot streak, but this week he hits a tough matchup against Seattle, who really doesn’t give up much against WR3’s.

I have to rate your options this way:

  1. Smith: He’s the alpha against a team that gives up td’s to WR’s. A safe bet on paper.
  2. Jefferson: Hot, but…coming up against a team that doesn’t give up much to players in his position. This is also a division game, which makes his chances even worse.
  3. Elliot: Welcome to Adrian Peterson-ville.

There is no great answer here, only speculation.