Damar Hamlin Injury

Hamlin is still in critical condition after taking a helmet to the chest in MNF.
A doctor described it as blunt forced trauma causing the heart to stop pumping blood to the brain which caused his collapse when standing . This is very rare with 300 cases reported a year, mostly kids getting hit with a baseball or soccer ball.

They got his heart started on the field but he is now on a respirator. This is not a good sign as when the heart restarts other body functions follow. There could be some brain damage but we should know more within the next 12 hours.

The NFL and fantasy are not a concern at this point but as every news station has reported will have to be soon. There is no rule or president to advise what to do.

There is nowhere to put this game and it is important to playoff seeding. The only viable solution could be to give each team a win.

As to fantasy, ESPN has extended the the match up pending the NFL.
Yahoo has not announced anything but is showing scores as if final.

This should be updated if not resolved in the next 24 hours.

Unbelievable, just unbelievable.


A tragic incident, indeed. The most important concern right now is obviously Damar Hamlin’s health. But let’s be honest, the decision how to proceed with the game will not influence it. So it’s legitimate to talk about it, if you ask me, and also not disrespectful towards Hamlin.

As for the NFL game, I think there are only bad solutions here. Giving both teams a W will obviously distort the playoff picture, as would calling the game a tie.

I don’t know if it is realistic to continue the game tomorrow night and move both teams’ week 18 matchups to Tuesday.

Cancelling the game would obviously wreak havoc in fantasy championship games. As a commish, I have no idea how to deal with it. In my 1QB league, one finalist was trailing by 28 before MNF, but had Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and Tee Higgins in the match, while his opponent had no MNF player in the lineup.

I only see 3 options here:

  • score them by projection (team would win the match)
  • replace them with the best options from the bench (team would narrowly win the match)
  • leave the current scoring in place (team would lose the match)

None of those options feels fair. Neither does re-playing the championship match in week 18.

Tricky situation. But for the moment, all we can do is wait for the NFL to decide how to proceed.

And hoping for Hamlin to make a recovery. In 2021, Danish soccer national Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during a match of the UEFA Euro Championship. He had to be re-animated on the pitch, but made a full recovery and was even able to continue his career.

So there is hope for Damar Hamlin after all, even though he does appear to be in more critical condition.


I am in 4 Championship matchups this weekend, across 4 different sites (Yahoo, NFL.com, Fleaflicker and ESPN) with all, unsurprisingly, featuring several players from last night’s game. One option I’ve thought of is to have each team play those players in week 18. Teams would be allowed to play anyone on their roster and use waivers but would not be able to replay a player from your team that you played in week 17. Example: If you started Chubb in Week 17, you can’t start him again in Week 18 if you wanted to replace Mixon from your week 17 lineup. It’s definitely not perfect but all 3 of the options above are imperfect as well and the last 2 are really not fair at all (lots of teams don’t roster backup QBs this late in the season when you have Allen or Burrow).

I , like so many, can’t stop thinking of Hamlin, his family, friends and teammates. It’s been a gut punch for me so I can only imagine how traumatizing it must be for them. Praying he recovers to lead a full and normal life.

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My best solution in fantasy is to have all players from MNF play and count next week. You would be allowed to use waivers to add options but no one else on your roster.

It is the only somewhat fair option I see and have sent it to the powers that be at yahoo.

As to moving on, I hope and wish the best and a full recovery for Hamlin.

However, I am not a hypocrite. I do not know him, his family or friends and will move on.

Yea. As a commissioner in one league that had two teams playing for the championship with a couple of players going last night. Although one team was up by a couple points and had Allen and Diggs going. The other has Mixon. So it definitely still up in the air.
I have Allen , higgens and hurst playing in my championship game. I was down by 38 and was able to cut into that lead a bit before the game stopped., it was looking like I may have been able to lock it up before halftime
Then the human aspect of it all. Unprecedented


I just got a message from Yahoo, They are joining ESPN and are waiting to see what the NFL decide.


Given the NFL’s announcement just moments ago which is about as clear as mud, by the way. I think the only real option will be to play those players from last night’s game in week 18. I’m assuming it’s just a matter of time before that becomes reality on all sites but I guess only time will tell.

Relieved to hear that things seem more stable though clearly still critical. I’ve been watching sports a long time (over 50 years) and I can’t recall anything remotely like this where we are all hanging on any news that comes out about him. I’m glad the NFL is handling it the way they have so far, even with the statement that still leaves a lot to be figured out. I hope Mr. Hamlin can feel how so many are pulling for him.

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Sorry, just saw my solution is the same as yours.

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After some consideration, the fairest solution (or least unfair one) would be to use the week 18 scores for BUF and CIN players to determine the week 17 outcome.

Because this is the only option in which the commish won’t decide who won the league. Because we don’t know the week 18 scores yet.

Every other approach (locking the week as it is, using projections for scores, taking a best ball approach) essentially means the commish decides who won the league. And, being a commish myself, that is a decision I would not like to take.


The final score is the final score. Unfair because you din’t get a full game out of Josh Allen? Cry me a river. I got one play out of Jonathan Taylor a couple of weeks ago. Justin Jefferson only had one catch; does he get a Week 18 do-over as well? It’s fantasy football. Things happen.

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This is completely different. The game wasn’t stoped because one player hurt their ankle or was held to one catch. A guy got hurt bad and the whole game stopped. And the leagues can’t just take I’m sorry but shit happens as an excuse. That isn’t fair to anyone

I have to agree with the elf on this one. If you had Josh Allen, and he blew out a knee early in the game, you’d have to live with those results. In my view, the game’s stats as they stood at postponement should be the final results.

I had three guys going. It’s a $500 difference from 1st to 2cd. No way I’m taking leaving the results when I had a more than viable chance to win. I had Jefferson last week when he got me 2 pts, big deal. I’ve had players get shut down after 2 plays. Big deal. It’s football. This is completely different. A defensive player got hurt and it shut the game down. Everybody was healthy and playing very well.

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You may not have any other choice.

Sucks when you don’t get the points you wanted out of your players, but that’s fantasy football.

Not acceptable. I’m a commissioner that’s trying to get this right between to guys right now. If the league calls it so be it. I won’t. I’ll figure a way to make it fair. Add points from the players from week 18. The commissioners need to come to an agreement on the close games. If things were a blowout and someone had Allen and needed 65 pts to win. Then yea. Call it. But otherwise keep it going until there’s a fair winner.
I’m so sick of hearing this is fantasy crap. You sound like a guy who was given participation trophy for 1st. because the game was stopped
I’m sure your tone would be different if you were on the other end of this

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Whether you like their tone or anything else about how they posted it, what Axe Elf and others here are trying to tell you is that attempting to concoct some “universally fair” solution will only fail and make things worse. I assume you’ve met humans and if so, you have to know that any “solution” like you’re contemplating will violently anger as many people as it makes euphorically happy. And it won’t end up being any more “fair” in some objective sense than just accepting whatever final solution your platform vendor comes up with. If your league wanted a “game cancellation rule” it should have that rule already, and if not it’s too late now. Step back, save yourself a lot of aggravation, and just let the platform resolve it for you. Then in the offseason, get the league together and write whatever rule for this your collective hearts desire.

The levels of gross malfeasance in this situation are almost astounding, if they didn’t roughly meet my expectations for human behavior. The NFL has known players can die on the field since Detroit WR Chuck Hughes died of a cardiac arrest on the field in 1971. In 2020, they learned definitively that games may have to postponed or cancelled due to things they can’t control. And yet, they obviously have no plan. If they did, they would not have screwed around until the coaches and players revolted before postponing the game. If they did, we would already know what’s going to happen next after they invoked their plan at a presser today. They have not. The fantasy platforms are equally malfeasant if they don’t have rules they can cite to tell you what they’re doing. And they don’t, or they’d have done it already. Don’t screw up and add yourself to this list of screwups…

From a human perspective this is tragic and we’re all pulling for Damar. But from a fantasy scoring perspective this is just another random event that cost people points for some of the players in their matchup this week. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Well. That’s why I’m in leagues with friends. We have all talked and have come up with a fair solution. No one’s happy no one is pissed. Compromise.


I have posted the suggestion to use the week 18 scores of the affected BUF and CIN players for the week 17 scoring in both leagues I serve as a commish. I know of 3 more leagues where commishs did the same after discussing this with me.

The suggestion was met with universal approval. Also from the owners of the teams that were leading in the finals.

If a balanced suggestion how to deal with a unique situation is met with “violent anger” in your leagues, then you should find new leagues. Unless you are a fan of violent anger, of course.