Cut Hardman for Cedrick Wilson?

Keep in mind, we’re talking dynasty here (full PPR):

Would you cut Mecole Hardman to pick up Cedrick Wilson from the waiver wire?

I’m really torn on this one. Not sure if cutting him now would be too early, or actually too late.

This is one of the tougher questions I have read here. We are talking as bottom feeder in the KC offense (Hardman) versus the new slot WR in Dallas (Wilson).

Wilson only did 3-3 against TB. That doesn’t sell me a lot of upside here, especially with only 24 yards and no td’s. Hardman was almost identical, 3-3 for 19 yards and no td’s.

Neither of these third year receivers has ever shown anything significant, and that is playing for some good teams offensively.

The fact this is dynasty is almost (not quite) irrelevant, because we are talking two wideouts at the same part of their careers, playing for high-powered offenses. You can toss future prospects out the window here, because I don’t expect either of them to ever be “awesome”.

The only deciding factor here for me is defenses. KC’s defense is ok, not great, but Dallas outright sucks, meaning their offense will have to be in a lot of shootouts. Shootouts are great for WR production, all the way down to WR3’s. I will lean towards Wilson on this factor alone. But this is a sliver. of difference.

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Thanks. I ended up cutting McKissic instead of Hardman.

Would have cut McKissic anyway, but had intended to pick up Jamycal Hasty for him. I now passed on Hasty, mostly because I completely missed the information last night that Mostert’s injury is season ending. :man_facepalming:

That Wilson fella better be good…

Don’t even try to hold me to that! Wilson is intriguing, but nothing league-winning. At least not yet.

Haha, no worries. I emphasized the dynasty aspect as it adds a “beyond this season” factor. And my expectations for Wilson are tempered in that respect. Lamb will be a stud for years to come. Amari can easily play on the current level for another 2-3 years, and has the contract to match that.

Best possible scenario I can see for Wilson is that he can usurp Gallup. Looking at Gallup’s 2020 stat line, that still doesn’t make him a player I’d want to start.

Hasty would have been the better option. Something’s odd with Sermon, Mitchell doesn’t have a lot of draft capital to his name - had I realized that Mostert had been ruled out for the season, it would have been a no-brainer to prefer Hasty over Cedrick Wilson.

But alas - now I can only hope that Wilson turns out to be a surprise fantasy superstar, who suddenly makes Amari and Lamb look pedestrian. In which case I’d of course claim to never have had any doubts about him. :sweat_smile:

That, or I’ll replace him with another waiver wire lottery ticket next week.

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