Brock Purdy Dynasty Update

Bad news for Brock Purdy fans:

Objectively, Purdy threw 13 td’s and 3 int’s during the last 6 weeks of the season. His yardage wasn’t spectacular, but he is clearly a good QB2 in superflex leagues, or even a backup in 1 QB leagues.

But there are a lot of moving parts in this story.

With Purdy not returning until preseason, that means Trey Lance will get a shot at the starting job in training camp…unless the 49ers trade for or sign another QB? Although there haven’t been any rumors thus far, Tom Brady might like this situation. If he’d be willing to take a pay cut for another Super Bowl shot, I can easily see him wanting to go to San Francisco. Could they say no to getting the GOAT on the cheap? Remember, Brady is a California boy.

All that said, what does this mean for Purdy’s dynasty value?

At this point, I’d call Purdy a “hold”. If you have him, you may not get much value for him, unless somebody wows you with a stupid crazy good deal (I’m talking 1st round picks and a new car!).

But if you don’t have him and want him, this is where it gets tricky.

If you’re in a 1 QB league, end of story. You do NOT trade for him, unless his owner is having a fire sale (again, stupid crazy good deal, like Purdy for James Conner).

If you’re in superflex, this is much tougher. Where every starting QB has value, and every potential starting QB also has value, Purdy walks both lines. Even IF Purdy were to lose the starting job to Lance or a “QB to be named later”, this guy’s potential stock is at least in the QB2 range. In deep roster dynasty leagues, Purdy has value even as a “hold” player on the bench (you could even toss him on the taxi squad in a lot of leagues). At best, you can throw a weak trade offer at Purdy owners, just to see if they nibble. But don’t go crazy on this one. Even if you love the guy, there is a reasonable forecast for him that turns out badly (i.e. he gets traded to Houston where he suffers with mediocrity there).

Up jumps Lance who was a target in my trade thread. And where does that leave Jimmy G?

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Somewhere else, probably.

Yep, somewhere else: