Allen & A Cooper for Hurts & Pittman?

Thoughts on trading J Hurts & M Pittman for J Allen & A Cooper in a redraft, SF, 40 + yrds bonus league.

I’d pass.

Josh Allen is the most valuable asset in SFLEX leagues, but Hurts isn’t exactly terrible, either. The big issue with Hurts is job security. That is less of a concern in redraft leagues, though.

Pittman however has top 5 upside this season, while Cooper could become unstartable. The downgrade from Pittman to Cooper does not justify the upgrade from Hurts to Allen.

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Same trade except what if it was Mooney instead of Cooper?

In redraft, it doesn’t change anything.

My WR rankings (PPR):
Pittman: #4
Mooney: #30
Cooper: #32

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