1/2 ppr ESPN league (free). need one more person

Anyone want to join a free ESPN redraft league?
We have one spot left.
The league is ,1 QB, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 flex, 6 bench, 2 ir, (5 rb roster limit)
1/2 ppr
100 Faab.

We are mostly Europeans and expats that like American football.

Allow we ask is that you field a team every week. Showing up for the draft next week would be nice too.
(Time not yet scheduled)

Below is a link.

All the best,

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You know what - why not. My other ESPN league does not appear to be active this season, so why not put the account to some use.

Oh Hell, I’ll try anything twice. Joined.

One spot left ED!!!

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Great! Thanks for joining. Yeah, one spot left.

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Yes and you have to sort out the draft soon with the Euro time and other drafts.

I have one in mind who missed my league and may want in. He needs 6 playoff spots with a bye. What ya got?

All right. Yeah, we downsizing to 10 teams this year, so I changed the settings to 6 playoff teams with a bye.

I will send an email to the league about the draft soon.